M K. | Los Angeles, CA

We have been very happy with David! He helped us move our business in from out of state without making us change our EIN which was awesome! 

David is prompt with answering questions and knowledgeable. He has done a great job with our taxes since we moved to California! We have a small business, rental property and a few other complexities with our taxes and David has been able to work with the ream of docs we always give him and get our taxes done properly and in a timely fashion. I recommend him to any friends looking for an accountant.

Donna S. | Lake Balboa, CA

Getting my taxes done has always been a hassle.  My anxiety level immediately skyrockets when it comes to Uncle Sam.  However, DMG makes the entire scenario quick and painless.  I went in there today after trying to Turbo Tax.  Turns out, instead of having to pay the gov, my tax consultant found deductions I didn't even think if.  Genius!  I am getting a refund!  Thanks DMG.

Irene G. | Los Angeles, CA

David Goral is an EXCELLENT TAX CONSULTANT.  He's done our personal taxes for a couple of years now and has also helped us set up and file for our corporate business taxes.   He's knowledgeable, efficient and very patient!  He's not just there to process a transaction, he consults along the way and each year we find additional ways to maximize our return based on his professional advice.  I've recommended him to several friends and we plan to keep him as our trusted adviser for as long as he'll have us!